Giants Roster Cuts

It’s officially the time of the preseason where teams start trimming down their rosters and we get closer to seeing what team will be out on the field come the regular season. Continue reading

Giants vs Jets – The Return of Victor Cruz

The night of October 12, 2014 was one of the worst in recent memory for Giants fans. It was Week 6, at the rival Philadelphia Eagles, and New York had started the season at a modest 3-2 record with high hopes of being competitive in the NFC East. The game was the center of a lot of trash talking and hype, just as all Giants and Eagles games are. What followed, however, was everything Giants fans dreaded. Continue reading

Giants vs Bills – Highlights, Notes, and Analysis

The long wait for regular season football continues, as the Giants fall to the Bills, 21-0. This moves New York to 0-2 on the preseason and leaves plenty to be discussed and choices to be made. The much-anticipated return of Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. really showed no improvements for the offensive from Week 1. Buffalo’s defense exposed the Giants’ O-line, presenting serious problems that most likely need to be addressed for success on that side of the ball. Yesterday’s game will not look good in the eyes of many fans, but it must be remembered that we only finished up the second week of the preseason; there are areas that need improvement but also areas that will be judged too harshly. Now for analysis of Giants vs Bills: Continue reading

Giants vs Bills Preview – Preseason Week 2

Week 1 of the preseason is wrapped up, as the Giants fell to the Miami Dolphins 27-10. Next on the platter is another AFC East foe in the form of the Buffalo Bills. Fans had a good look at the new defense last week, and now will be able to see what the first team offensive starters can do as a couple of key figures will be active. Here are some things to watch for against Buffalo:
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Giants vs Dolphins – Highlights, Notes, and Analysis

The Giants dropped their preseason opener to the Miami Dolphins, 27-10. Following months without football, fans rejoiced when it returned, but then realized it’s preseason and now have to wait for the regular season to fully enjoy football again. There were still many things to takeaway from the Giants first game, some negative but mostly positive. Continue reading

Giants vs Dolphins Preview – Preseason Week 1

Preseason football is here! The Giants take on the Dolphins at MetLife Stadium in NYG’s first matchup. There is always much to watch for in the preseason that interests both fans and coaches alike. For the first time we get to see rookies, most of which will be fighting for a spot on the depth chart. We also have our first look at the latest free agents signed during the offseason. Lastly, we have the group of players that will not be on the field due to injury, and their progress must be watched closely over the next few weeks. In this game the Giants can relate to all these categories, and this preseason is critical to shaping this team. Continue reading

Eli Manning Stars in Two New DIRECTV Commercials


Football is back, which means only one thing; new DIRECTV Sunday Ticket commercials. For a good number of years now DIRECTV has been making commercials using NFL figures as their main stars, and almost every one has been a big hit. Eli Manning has seen his fair share of action when it comes to the camera, and now we get to marvel at his latest creation. Continue reading

6 Keys To Giant Success This Year

Giants Dolphins Football

The 2015 season of the New York Giants was a rollercoaster of emotion, as each week presented a new way to crush the hopes of fans everywhere. The consistent play of Eli Manning and superstardom of Odell Beckham was wasted due to the inability of the defense to make one last final stand at the end of games. This franchise has made huge strides to right the ship, beginning with changes on the defensive side and the coaching staff. 2016 will be crucial in showing whether or not the Giants will be a contender for years to come, or at least until Eli Manning’s career is done, and there are plenty of things to keep close watch on that will determine their fate. Continue reading