Eli Manning Stars in Two New DIRECTV Commercials


Football is back, which means only one thing; new DIRECTV Sunday Ticket commercials. For a good number of years now DIRECTV has been making commercials using NFL figures as their main stars, and almost every one has been a big hit. Eli Manning has seen his fair share of action when it comes to the camera, and now we get to marvel at his latest creation. Continue reading

6 Keys To Giant Success This Year

Giants Dolphins Football

The 2015 season of the New York Giants was a rollercoaster of emotion, as each week presented a new way to crush the hopes of fans everywhere. The consistent play of Eli Manning and superstardom of Odell Beckham was wasted due to the inability of the defense to make one last final stand at the end of games. This franchise has made huge strides to right the ship, beginning with changes on the defensive side and the coaching staff. 2016 will be crucial in showing whether or not the Giants will be a contender for years to come, or at least until Eli Manning’s career is done, and there are plenty of things to keep close watch on that will determine their fate. Continue reading